So, the posts here are not supposed to be spooky: they are simply about how incredibly super good Jesus is, and how much He loves us all. I didn't make up these posts, they are not my thoughts. I got them in order to understand few things better. And I share them for one reason, so that also you would have a better understanding.
Na, amiről itt szó lesz, attól nem kell megijedni: egyszerűen annyi, hogy Jézus mennyire nagyon hihetetlenül szuper jó, és hogy mennyire nagyon szeret mindenkit. Az itt leírt bejegyzéseket nem én találtam ki; ezek nem a saját gondolataim. Ezeket azért kaptam, hogy jobban megérthessek néhány dolgot. És csak azért írom le őket, hogy te is megérthesd ezeket.

October 2, 2013

Savior Jesus

I don't know how you know Jesus but as I know Him He is very versatile. The things he shows me from time to time are sometimes funny, sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, sometimes quite painful and sometimes make me wonder. But without exception they are always encouraging and very, very special.

Few days back I saw Jesus in a special way again. Actually I don't get surprised any more when God wants to tell something in unusual ways, because he is a lot more creative than either of us. And anyway He likes speaking to us in unique ways :)

But now let's go back a few days ago. This might be funny at first. It was for me but then I realized what all this means.
So this whole thing started that I saw Jesus in complete firefighter gear as He was getting off the fire truck. Hmmm ... Okay, so Jesus was getting out of a brand new fire truck painted in red... On His head a firefighter helmet, a small axe attached to His belt... He is fully clothed in fire suit. Well, that's an interesting way to start...
Then He beckons me to get in while he sits on the passenger seat. But... where shall I sit then? Shall I sit to the steering wheel? Err... well, Jesus sits on the passenger seat and eventually I need to get in somewhere. Okay, well... good. Then I'll drive! Wow, I was very happy about it!!! Earlier I got a vision in which Jesus was driving me around in a very cool car, it was fantastic! But this time I am driving and I can take Jesus somewhere! That's very special!

Okay, I was thinking where I should drive Him... Hmmm... allright I got it! I know a very good place, we go there for a hot chocolate. This is really cool! Oooh, but I cannot park the car there... No problem, you can park a fire-truck anywhere, right? I can leave the fire-truck siren on.
But I even have a better idea! I'll take Jesus to the beach! I don't often drive Him around so I have to take Him to a special place.

But as I was driving I saw that Jesus was constantly looking out of the window watching the houses and the people. He was sitting next to me in fire suit and watching what was going on in the city. It was summer and it was hot. He must be hot in that suit, but I'm sure He is not accidentally wearing this fireproof suit - I thought to myself.
While driving, it also crossed my mind that I'm not really sure Jesus wants to drink a hot chocolate with me dressed in boiler suit. And it's not the best outfit for beach either.
But I didn't have the good sense to ask Jesus: Where are we going? Where shall I drive you?

I tried to figure out myself. So where shall we go? Where shall we go? - I was thinking.
Well, let's see what we can make of this: I'm driving a fire-truck. The world's best firefighter is sitting next to me dressed from the top of His head to the tips of His toes with a helmet and axe and all ready for action. So let's see... err... Hey, we are going to put out a fire?! Yes! We're going to put out a fire, of course!

Ooh, but... I've just noticed that since it's summer I'm wearing T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Ooh... I cannot put out a fire like this. I was not prepared for this.

I wasn't prepared for fire-fighting. I wanted to go to a coffee shop with Jesus and talk with Him. I would have left the car in the non-parking zone because I could have since I am with Jesus. We could have talked and could have fun. Or we could have gone to the beach and played beach volleyball there. We would have won against anyone with Jesus. That would have been cool! That's what I've planned. But Jesus didn't come for this reason...

He didn't come for this reason. I'm convinced that Jesus loves to talk with us and I can tell you, you can have a very good time and fun with Him. But He came not only for this reason. I'm sure He is the best in beach volleyball but He didn't come for that reason.
He is the savior. He came to save people and set them free. He came to put out destroying fires in people's lives. He came to set people free. He is the savior.

Jesus is the savior. And if you too have accepted Him as savior then He is sitting next to you in complete fire suit as you are driving your fire-truck. He has been on tenterhooks waiting for you to take Him for the next mission to set people free. But you're the driver. And it's only up to you where you're going. It's only up to you how much you let Him to carry out His mission through you. It's only up to you whether Jesus can be who He wants to be: the Savior.

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