So, the posts here are not supposed to be spooky: they are simply about how incredibly super good Jesus is, and how much He loves us all. I didn't make up these posts, they are not my thoughts. I got them in order to understand few things better. And I share them for one reason, so that also you would have a better understanding.
Na, amiről itt szó lesz, attól nem kell megijedni: egyszerűen annyi, hogy Jézus mennyire nagyon hihetetlenül szuper jó, és hogy mennyire nagyon szeret mindenkit. Az itt leírt bejegyzéseket nem én találtam ki; ezek nem a saját gondolataim. Ezeket azért kaptam, hogy jobban megérthessek néhány dolgot. És csak azért írom le őket, hogy te is megérthesd ezeket.

July 4, 2013

Don't be afraid Egypt, Jesus is holding you in His arms

This post is going to be a bit different now than the ones before.
There is something inexplicable in my life which I cannot really deal with, but life's sometimes like that, right? :) This whole thing started long-long ago, when God began to show me pretty strange things about Northern Africa. I just note here that great things are going to happen there :)

But this post is not about that, it is specifically about Egypt. In recent years pretty messed up things has been going on there. A few years ago there was a revolution that shook pretty much the whole country. And it was supposed that everything was going to be fine afterwards. But it was not.
So back then one afternoon I just started to pray for Egypt. I asked God: what's really going on in this country now?
And I got a very strange picture: I saw a bunch of angels, but really a lot: They were holding hands and forming a huge circle as they were descending from Heaven to the Earth: to Egypt. They landed and they all stood next to each other on the border of the country. From every direction they surrounded the whole country. I don't know the total length of the border of Egypt, but there were so many angels, that roughly on every meter stood one of them. It must be a lot of angels I think.

I had no idea what it was... What is this supposed to mean? But then the angels went on: each and every one of them bent down and with their hands they grabbed the ground. And like holding a giant bed sheet they held the whole country in their hands. Then they lifted it and began to shake it like a huge blanket. They shook it, and shook it, and shook it... Just like you shake the dust out of your towel. And the whole country was shaking and billowing... Well... it was not a nice sight...

But the bottom line is: it's over now! In the last days there were riots again in the country. Therefore this morning while I was traveling on the subway, I prayed for Egypt again. Woooo, Jesus loves that country so much!
So there was I sitting on the subway and I really had to struggle, I could barely hold back my tears when I saw Jesus standing over Egypt, opening His arms and embracing the whole country! 
Jesus was holding Egypt so tightly so that the whole country could hear His heartbeat. So that everyone could hear and feel that Jesus is completely enthusiastic about this country!
He was holding it with such a delight like holding a treasure. As a daddy holds his own child. It was a wonderful sight!

So do not be afraid now, Egypt, Jesus is holding you in His arms! Hmmm, Jesus loves you so much! Feel how Jesus embraces you with His own arms! And He is not going to let you down!

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