So, the posts here are not supposed to be spooky: they are simply about how incredibly super good Jesus is, and how much He loves us all. I didn't make up these posts, they are not my thoughts. I got them in order to understand few things better. And I share them for one reason, so that also you would have a better understanding.
Na, amiről itt szó lesz, attól nem kell megijedni: egyszerűen annyi, hogy Jézus mennyire nagyon hihetetlenül szuper jó, és hogy mennyire nagyon szeret mindenkit. Az itt leírt bejegyzéseket nem én találtam ki; ezek nem a saját gondolataim. Ezeket azért kaptam, hogy jobban megérthessek néhány dolgot. És csak azért írom le őket, hogy te is megérthesd ezeket.

May 12, 2013

I've brought the treasures

Recently Jesus started to introduce Himself in a very special way. Many times I could see His face, I could see His feelings about people, I could feel His love but also His sadness, and I could see what He does, how He acts. These are completely new things for me too.

Yesterday in addition to this I could see Him in a very unusual way.
A waste container truck arrived, and Jesus got out of it. One could see how happy He was. It's always so good to see that! So He walked to the back of the truck and he lowered the waste container with a control handle. He waved to me and shouted:
"I've brought the treasures!"

Well, this whole situation was more than strange. Jesus is amazingly happy, He drives a truck, He brings a container full of waste and with a huge smile on His face He shouts that He has brought the treasures. I didn't understand it at all. I answered Him:
"But Jesus, these are not treasures. This is rubbish."

I love that Jesus never freaks out because of our little uncomprehendings. He only smiled at me this time too and He asked:
"Do you want to have a closer look together with me?"

Of course, I nodded. Then Jesus looked at me with a kind "now watch this" look and He reached into the garbage. And He pulled a golden trumpet out of it. He showed it to me. I had no idea how it got in there. And there were other things there besides the trumpet.

This message is for you. If you feel others look down on you, they ignore you and no one notices your capabilities - you might even believe this yourself and you might feel your life is worthless, and you might see yourself worthless. But Jesus knows what's inside of you. You are full of treasures. There are things no one else can do like you do. And there are things only you can do. You are precious, and you better know Jesus appreciates you. He is smiling at you right now.

But this message is for you too if you don't see value in others. There are treasures hiding in each and every one of us. In your parents, in your children, in your friends, in your neighbors, in your teachers, in your boss, in your employees, in the bus driver, in the sales clerk. In Everyone. And just like you do, they also want others to recognize how valuable they are.

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