So, the posts here are not supposed to be spooky: they are simply about how incredibly super good Jesus is, and how much He loves us all. I didn't make up these posts, they are not my thoughts. I got them in order to understand few things better. And I share them for one reason, so that also you would have a better understanding.
Na, amiről itt szó lesz, attól nem kell megijedni: egyszerűen annyi, hogy Jézus mennyire nagyon hihetetlenül szuper jó, és hogy mennyire nagyon szeret mindenkit. Az itt leírt bejegyzéseket nem én találtam ki; ezek nem a saját gondolataim. Ezeket azért kaptam, hogy jobban megérthessek néhány dolgot. És csak azért írom le őket, hogy te is megérthesd ezeket.

July 17, 2011

Jesus' short encounter with Buddha

Well ... I have to say in advance that the following post is gonna be tough.

You know Jesus is not a kind of person who closes His eyes to everything. Yes, he forgives the humble hearted. Yes, he forgives those who are willing to confess their sins.
But He's also a victorious and all-powerful God who can not stand to tolerate and even infinitely hates sin, lie and deception. I know Jesus like this.

So what I wanna tell is how Jesus introduced Himself to me in a very special way recently. I was worshiping God and all of a sudden He showed me a picture. I saw a Buddha statue. It was an ordinary Buddha statue: it was gold and on the face there was this strange and confident smile.
Well what is this supposed to be, I thought??? I'm just standing here and thinking about Jesus and then suddenly this picture of Buddha comes. What is this doing here??? I had no idea why I had to see it, but then I calmed down because Jesus arrived.

He stood on beautiful green rolling fields. And do you know what He had in His hand? A golf club:) Of course a golf club, what else? :) It's getting more and more interesting I thought :) So Jesus is standing on the golf course, and He is about to hit with His club.

Since this was the initial hit and the hole was far away, He was preparing for a very powerful hit. He swung the club just like golf players do, and then He hit with full power. Then baaannnggg!
And Buddha's head flew toward the hole! I bounced few times on the grass and then dropped into the hole. It fell to the place where it belongs.

I'm grateful to God that He showed me how Jesus encountered Buddha even if this encounter lasted only for a moment. But even this short time was enough for them to clarifying who is who.

Perhaps you know Jesus like someone who always smiles, no matter what we do while we live here. But I have to tell you all power in Heaven and on Earth belongs to Jesus. Imagine someone in a situation like this: If anyone else questioned his power he would not only be not happy with that person, but also punish him.

And do you know what else this picture means?
Jesus treats the same way all the other idols and everything else coming from evil. You better believe that all illness, pain, bitterness, fear ends this way if you entrust them to Jesus. All these are standing on that golf course and waiting to drop back to the place where they come from. If you ask, Jesus simply knocks out all the heads of your problems.
You don't need to be in pain. You don't need to be lonely. You don't need to worry or be afraid of anything. Let all these drop back where it belongs. If you believe this just leave it to Jesus.
Seriously, just tell him the situation you are in. Just tell Him what's up with you.
And guess what, He already has the golf club in His hand and He is eagerly waiting to hit all your problems to the hole. Just where they belong ;)

(Finally God told me why Jesus does it with a golf club and why not, say, a baseball bat? Because God placed all things under the feet of Jesus as it is written in the Bible in Ephesians 1:19-22.)

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