So, the posts here are not supposed to be spooky: they are simply about how incredibly super good Jesus is, and how much He loves us all. I didn't make up these posts, they are not my thoughts. I got them in order to understand few things better. And I share them for one reason, so that also you would have a better understanding.
Na, amiről itt szó lesz, attól nem kell megijedni: egyszerűen annyi, hogy Jézus mennyire nagyon hihetetlenül szuper jó, és hogy mennyire nagyon szeret mindenkit. Az itt leírt bejegyzéseket nem én találtam ki; ezek nem a saját gondolataim. Ezeket azért kaptam, hogy jobban megérthessek néhány dolgot. És csak azért írom le őket, hogy te is megérthesd ezeket.

April 18, 2011

You are also His beloved child

Today God called me with the most simple but also the most powerful words. I just asked Him what He thinks of me. He didn't explained Himself and didn't begin telling a long rhyme. He's not like that. He simply said:

"You are My beloved child. And I ask you only one thing: Introduce me to others too".

God speaks simply, and asks for simple things.
But when He speaks or asks for something, His words pierce into the deepest of your being. And you feel like the world's most powerful truth just tears down all the lies from your life that others say or have said about you.
God's words have weight, and sometimes it feels that if He said anything else, even a short little sentence, you might not be able to bear it without weeping full a hundred piece package of hanky.
And yet you want Him not to stop. Still you want Him to teach you. Because you desire truth. You desire the love, encouragement and consolation which is in His words.

If you want to get to know him, then you surely can. If you ask from Him, He will give. If you ask Him, He will answer. And He will tell you many things. But the most important of all He will say is: you are also His beloved child!

You are also His beloved child whoever you may be. Whatever may be the color of your skin or hair. You can be short or tall. Maybe you like to do sports, or maybe you would even erase the word sport from dictionaries. Maybe you love to clean or maybe you can't stand it. Or you might use the broom for something totally else. Each of us is different, but in one thing we are certainly alike: we are all God's beloved children, just as we are!

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